Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anyone Else Ever Do This?

When I was a kid and my mother made chicken or turkey, my sister and I got to break the breastbone.  Or wishbone as we liked to call it.  Whomever scored the keel bone got their wish.

It's weird, but I can't make myself throw these things away.  So if you ever come to my house and are in need of some luck, some mojo, or just want a bit of friendly competition, Just ask.  Seriously.  These things are starting to pile up.

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  1. We bought a house once and the lady who lived there left a bunch of these behind. I think I'm good.

  2. I have to show this to J. He thinks I'm weird for my little stash of wishbones that keep piling up on the kitchen window sill. I'm not alone!!!

  3. I don't like them now because when I was young I always seemed to lose.


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