Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update: Weight Loss

Well for those who have been watching my weight loss progress, I wanted to provide an update, since there have been some changes lately.  Unfortunately, those changes haven't been in my weight.  Which is exactly the problem.  I joined Weight Watchers under a program called "Momentum".  That program was extremely effective for me.  But in mid-December, Weight Watchers switched to a more "scientifically accurate" program called PointsPlus.  I bought all the materials (food guide, dining out companion, recipe book, and pocket PointsPlus calculator) and dove in.  Only the program doesn't work for me.  In effect, my weight loss stalled.  Completely.  For three months.  The leader at my meeting told me to give it a chance.  To focus on the weight I have already lost.  But honestly, three months with NO weight loss?  Despite following the program to the letter?

I'm a scientist.  If a regimen isn't working, waiting and expecting that same regimen to give you different results is pretty darn stupid.  So.  My big news?  I'm switching back to the old program.  I have quit Weight Watchers on the payment plan that I was using because there is no real sense in me paying for access to the food information on their website if their website only supports the new program.  My sister quit for a month or two and Weight Watchers ended up enticing her back with a few free months offer.  Maybe they'll do the same for me.  It's not that I don't like Weight Watchers.  I actually like my meetings.  It's just that the meetings and the program now no longer support the program I'm going to be following.  Although I have told myself that if I feel I need the accountability of weighing in on someone else's scale and the group support, that I will go back for meetings on a week-to-week basis.

So that's my big news.  I have dropped 36 pounds on Weight Watchers.  And a total of 46.2 pounds since I began this odyssey on Jan 3, 2010.  I only have 22 pounds to get to normal weight and 27 pounds to get to my goal.  I'll keep you updated on my progress.

For now, good eating!

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